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This was my peak. Winning this cup meant so much to me back in the time but now I realize how big an upset I made. I don't think I've ever been a champion material but I'll keep annoying the fuck out of the best if I can. The people that helped me get to the best of my abilities and I'll thank til my last breath are : spart1e, strenx, memento_mori, unnamedtony, av3k, cypher, stermy, zoot, ddk, nvc, draven snelvolvve, trance, memento_mori...

And many more, I might edit this list but I'm going blank right now... Those are the first names that come to mind. And I could talk a lot about every one of them.

[fans, even if it feels weird to call em that...] You guys have kept me going and all you crazy followers on twitch. Keep following quakers playing quake. You're keeping the best game ever alive !

I could go on an endless story about how these (above) people helped my very average ass get to taste the very best of what Quake can offer. And maybe you will too someday.

Someday I decided that I wasn't just a little nobody, and I decided that I could beat anybody... And I tried. And I mostly failed ; I'm no cypher, rapha, cooller, or tox. But I've achieved the dream I had when I was a boy : I competed, fought, and made a name for myself just by trying and trying again until I could keep up with these legends.

Now I may never be remembered amongst the oldest crowds of ESR, in History. People only really remember the best of the best. But I challenged the best. And I'm proud of it.

I came all the way from nobody's land in baseq3 osp freezetag and somehow made my way. I even, unbeknownst to me, played with great players (2gd, toxjq, etc. but they'll deny it)

My point is.... Keep playing, don't give up. I cant believe it but I'm going on my thirties and I felt a long time ago I was already old for ESR. FML.

PS: since the trolls'll be flunding in. If anyone who feels they really got fucked over by a donation I was involved in, please contact me on IM.