Can you guys recommend pick between these graphich cards?

Yeah, seen benchmark and 1080 is better, but also depends on model. There are also used GFX cards that are people selling, but they are not much cheaper than buying new one.

I bought super computer 2 years ago, spent 1400€ for my rig, but now Quake Champions came out and I cant run the game properly, It lags as fuck no matter how much FPS I cap or what resolution I set, but I m aware that I have too shit GFX for QC and this is something that has to be changed soon.

I cant stand this FPS drops anymore in QC and I dont have patiente to wait week after week for upcoming update and after update being dissapointed cos high priority issue still not being fixed.

My budget for GFX is about 500€ - 700€ - some 1080 cost about 900€ - 1000€, but I m not willing to spend that much for GFX, never did.

I ve seen a lot of people having 1070 and 1080 + playing QC. What is your experience? With having GFX of course on med or low in QC. Ultra or high is imo useles, or I m wrong?

Please let me know!