So according to the latest patch log, the devs want to fix clutches shield so it doesnt let rockets through.

Why is clutch even in the game? Hes being picked in every tournament whenever it comes to the important stages, he's basically always the #1 pick, and theres a reason for it, hes a fucking fast tank.

Initially I thought that bethesda just take their time with balancing. And I liked that approach, for example companies like blizzard often patch too often and too drastic, which never really seems to work.

But fucking clutch is OP and I dont get why hes not being nerfed, it's boring to see him being picked exclusively in every important game. His ugly UT movement doesnt help, but my opinion about the dodge-movement may not be right, I just dont think it fits into Quake.

Anyway, watching the russians right now play all-clutch is just lame. But considering that I haven't read anythign about clutch here, I guess you guys all like robot dick :(