Yes. I like the game. In general terms, i like it.
This community have been complaining about literally everything of every single game after Q3.
I played Q3, I played a lot of QL, I played UT and I played QC. And the game is good.
For sure the game is not an AAA, but what can you spect about such a small niche like arena shooters?
Is as simple as that if we dont support this game, the game will die, and this is the best opportunity of trying to build a new scene again.
And come on, is not so bad. They changed the timing of the items to a simple one and they added some special habilities to make it look more modern.
And thats it. They are even almost the same maps!
Maybe you should try to addapt a bit to the new times and not complaining of every single change trying to make the game more accesible for the newcomers.
Or you can come back to QL.

BTW i think that all that you want it will be a QL with a big community. But im sorry to tell that it will never happend if we are complaining about every single change that they make to the game.
Sorry i had to say it after reading 1000000 lines about how bad is the game and why is dead.