From ESL Discord:
Hello @everyone ! We would like to let you know that the NA qualifiers are meant only for NA & CA based players and the EU qualifiers are meant only for the EU based countries. This means that for these qualifiers, we won't be able to accept players (or teams with players) from Asia/Africa/Australia/Latin America. We have already removed those that were from the mentioned regions from the qualifiers and we hope that you will help us spread this message so it reaches them and the other players from these regions that were planning to participate. Many thanks and happy fraggin'!

Yet on the Bethesda page it says people can play with High Ping from other regions.

NOTE: All Qualifiers will be played on NA or EU servers. However, other regions can participate in these Qualifiers with higher latency. NA includes the Americas and Australia, and EU Europe, Russia and Asia.
Update 2017-06-19 by Åke Vader: Apparently this has been resolved. According to some obscure Discord quote Africans and Asians will now be allowed to play in the European region, while Australians and Latin Americans are allowed to play in the North American region.