In this thread I will try to gather all my thoughts. It will be one big picture.
This post for people who 18+ otherwise many moments to you will be not clear.

Why you need to read such long post? Because i'm very confident in my suggestions and experience.
I consider all interests and all factors. I can be mistaken only in force of experts in marketing and advertising influence :\

IF YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND SOMETHING, JUST ASK ME.(trolls, kids, idiots will be detected)

We faced big problems - interests of 3 groups.
1 - Old players community
2 - New players community
3 - Id Software

Group 1 vs Group 3.

Old players want competitive, difficult and serious esport game. For now QC does not correspond to expectations.

Id Software wants more money and simplifies QC for group 2.

Group 2 vs Group 1

Old players want competitive, difficult and serious esport game.

Newcomers want game like Counter Strike, Dota.

Group 3 vs Group 2

Id wants more money, but newcomers will not pay for QC, because simplified QC still too difficult for newcomers.

For those who has missed my thought, once again:
QC does not meet requirements of groups 1 and 2.

QC more simple, like 1/2 of QL. But in the same time QC more difficult for group 2, like 3 x CounterStrike.

In my head something like this when i think about "game DIFFICULTY" (from my experience):
All factors are approximate ;) and they comes from my feelings and intuition.

QL = 6*CS = 2*QC = 12*DOTA = 0.08*Chess

Now, about QuakeLive gametypes:

Duel= 2*TDM = 3*CTF = 6*CA = 20*Instagib

About CS and QL duel:

Duel = 6*CS


I belong to group 1 (Old community). And in my head i can see some priority according to "3 groups" (from most to less). "Group priority" means: what group is more important, whose interests are most important. It means, the group standing more low, can have satisfaction, only if group standing on one step above has satisfaction.

3 Id Software (Most important) 1st place
2 New players (Also most important) 2nd place
1 Old players (Less important) 3rd place.

Old players (group 1) are less important, because of 500 players online (on servers). Who cares about them?, they can't bring a lot of money.

New players (group 2) are more important, they has a lot of money. For example 100 000 online players in Counter Strike and 500 players in QL.

Id Software (group 3) are most important. Because if they has qualified personnel and a lot of money, they can satisfy new players.

Again, in my head: (strong personnel + money) can satisfy new players by good game. It will bring a much more money for ID Software. And only after that old players(group 1) will receive more players in their professional gametypes(duel tdm, etc).

So, old players less important...., but they has one trump! They have a huge experience! It means, old players like qualified personnel for ID :)

Ok, old players helps ID Software to satisfy new players. But is there any guarantee for old players? I mean, if ID will deceive old players? And old players will not receive the necessary game modes?

Tim Willits in interview said that "there is no problem, we can include old gametypes in QC".

For now situation looks like there are some non-paper agreements.
Id gives simple gametypes for new players, new players gives to ID their money.
ID gives perfect professional gametypes for old players, old players gives to ID some help + little amount of money.


As i mentioned above, current QC gametypes not enough simple for new players. I mean, game not ready for new players. In current state TDM not ready for new players. I can't believe that current TDM(Duel) will have great success.

-Because Blizzard spend a lot of money for OverWatch advertisement, more than ID.
-Not enough amount of tutorials for new players. Not enough info about game rules.
-Not enough money for tournaments.

And in my opinion, TDM must be closer to CS or OverWatch. For now its more close to Quake. And very, VERY far from CS or OverWatch.

My assumption (only mine), that TDM should be completely altered for new players. And it means, that future QC community must be divided by two groups.

1. Hardcore-professional gametypes for small amount of old players (TDM and Duel gametypes)
2. Simple gametypes for a huge amount of new players. (TDM and Duel gametypes)

As i said, TDM for new players must be much closer to CS or OverWatch. As a result old Quake players should not play these simple gametypes, because of huge difference in gameplay, rules, maps(!!). Old players should barf when they see simple gametypes. How close to CS\OverWatch simple gametypes should be? I think gameplay should be 70-80% like CS\OW. Players from CS\OW should feel that QC their improved version of CS\OW.

Yes, may be it's too late for such changes ;) But, i will be very happy if i'm wrong and current TDM\Duel will have great success.


Now, about hardcore-professional gametypes.

I'm already wrote a lot about simplifications. Now shortly, what i want (and many old\pro players too). It looks like instruction, you can't break it ;).

Once again, you can't avoid this instruction! If you change something else, you can crush gameplay TOTALLY! If you can't understand something, just ask me.

About DUEL

-Full copy of QL duel + Champions + champions abilities + Selectable spawns.

Now about champions balance.

Champions must differ from each other only by appearance and abilities. It means the same hitboxes for all, same strafe speed(320 units max+same accel) for all, and very small difference in strafe-jumps. No hp\armor limits, only 200\200 max (like in QL) for all champions, 125\0 on spawn for every champion.

After that it is necessary to balance ONLY champions abilities. We can balance abilities after some period of time, during beta, or later, or somehow.

About selectable spawns.

All pro players not agree with random spawns in QL. "lucky spawn" "he win because of lucky spawn".

You can select spawn after your death, by clicking on a picture (3-4 points on a choice).

About TDM

Same changes as in DUEL (see above).


Ok, we have 2 groups of gametypes.
1. Hardcore-professional gametypes for small amount of old players (TDM and Duel gametypes)
2. Simple gametypes for a huge amount of new players. (TDM and Duel gametypes)

I believe that some part from huge amount of new players will come to Hardcore-professional gametypes somehow. And we must have some tricky system which entices new players in hardcore-professional gametypes. May be any special champion skins \ vanity, weapon models, special words in main menu, achievements, pictures, icons.

Other mini suggestions from me.

-In games like Batman AA,AO,AK and Castlevania you can see some unavailable HARDCORE gametype in main menu. This gametype becomes available after you finished main story. So i think we can make the same in QC. You can play only if you finished tutorial course, or you have reached some level(XP). For example you can play hardcore-professional gametypes only if you reach some XP level in simple gametypes.

-Everyone knows that "more gametypes = less players in each gametype". I suggest 3 gametypes for new players and 3 gametypes for old players. Other mini-gametypes like instagib and EyeToEye must be like "Training halls"(with ELO) in main menu of the game.

-ELO everywhere, you know =). Matchmaking must be artful(tricky) system which considers quantity of players online, ELO, pings. Matchmaking system must be adaptable to current amount of players, she must suggest to player different options. She must help him with different hints. There is one small part of hint system we can see in many games while level is loading. But matchmaking must be more smarter than these hints. In more details read here

-Artificial ping. Artificial ping increases total amount of players. When your opponent has lower ping than you, his ping automatically becomes higher. In more details read here

IF YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND SOMETHING, JUST ASK ME.(trolls, kids, idiots will be detected)