A few weeks ago, we took a quick poll to see if there was any interested in CPMA 2V2 League. To my surprise we've been able to get 16 (technically 20) teams to enter a short league-style event.

The first week of The Promode League will officially kick-off this Saturday April 29, 2017, with a few games already scheduled, and rest almost ready. We have now released the full schedule, available below. Teams are welcome to schedule and play all their games as soon as possible.

We'll be bringing weekly updates, predictions, and bets. Russia Ryan_H has been kind enough to produce us a quick promotional video, showing off Left Behind, Sanctum, and The Hot Place.

Schedule & Rosters


A couple of chimed on with our opinions on this week's matches, who we thought would win, and win.

Stream: twitch xero
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