QC lessons

Why ppl love Counter Strike?

Because of films, and also every man must serve in army. CS perceived naturally
as self-evident. All rules about CS well known from films.

Why ppl away from Quake?

Fantastic, unnatural. Strange rules, unknown rules. Strafe Jumping? WTF?

Of course there are many fantastic films, but the life reality tells us that statistically more ppl love non-fantastic films.

There are another unnatural games like chess. It's not like CS and not like Quake. Chess is something 3rd kind of game. Other breed of games life.

Chess has been popular in newspapers and tv many years ago. Governments want to teach their ppl to think. If ppl became smarter, then, they can build more hi-end weapons, like nuclear rockets and etc..

In this article, i tell that Chess is more difficult than Quake. How to proof that? If Cooller became PRO (2600+ ELO) in 2-3 years or something like this and if Magnus Carlsen became pro (2600+ ELO) in 7 years, then 7>3 and chess is more difficult.

So, i assume that chess is more difficult and unnatural like quake. May be chess is more unnatural: fucking squares, they white and black, fucking pieces.. what is that? Two big men 50 years old, moving small pieces on the board? Who can love it?

So, if we exclude media influence about chess on ppl. How this site chess.com can accumulate 22 000 -66 000 duelists? In Quake we has only about 100-200 every day.

Lets go on site chess.com

First that i can see:

1. ELO ratings
2. Lessons (rules, theory, video, replays)
3. Training apparatus for improvement of skills (solving problems with timelimit aka tactics, vision trainer)
4. You can buy your personal teacher.
5. You can analyze your game with computer engines (Stockfish (3400+ ELO), Hoodiny (3200+), Komodo (3400+) )
6. I can see a link chesskids.com. Game is difficult, but kids can play !!!!
7. Winrate stat! This is TRUE stat! Not bullshit!(60% my RG? and 60% Rapha? is it means we has equal aim? haha!!! NO!!!! hahahah he has 60% on more difficult opponent than my!!!)

Look at their menu! I recommend you to register on chess.com to feel the power of their system!

Ok, now we must ask ourselves: what we have in QC from chess.com system?(menu?, lessons? ELO?). 66 000 ppl playing most difficult game in the world without game simplifications!!!!

I think they simply dont let low skill player to play with pro and gives a lot of help to newcomers! SYSTEM GIVES A LOT OF DIFFERENT HELP, BUT NOT PRO PLAYERS (but pro too =) )

So in QL we had some amount of lessons (rocketjumps, tricks) and this is right direction for making newcomers feel better. But i think it was bad lessons! And it was bad form of learning! Small amount of lessons! Bad teacher!!!!! BAd!!!! And we must suggest to ID a better kind of lessons and "training apparatus for improvement of skills" they must BUILT IN in QC.

-aim trainer
-strafe trainer
-timer trainer 12+25=37, 45+30=15
-video with zero4(he teach how to jump)

and etc etc etc

Suggest your lessons, training programs, techniques. And ID will built in all of this in QC, if they not idiots.

May be later we can send to bethesda forum all our work.