Quake Champions Executive Director Tim Willits recently spoke of id Software's commitment to both duel and team modes in QC. Willits has now revealed in a new interview how duel is currently working within QC - which for now includes Champions - while hinting at a new team mode and weapons.
Our Duel mode allows you to pick your group of champions and then compete one-versus-one, so there's more strategy.

Depending on what you and the other player picks, you can really have a lot of thinking to do and analysis in the matches, and it becomes another layer on top of just the raw skill that I think people will really be encouraged with. It fills a nice little missing 1v1 hole that we currently have in the competitive games industry.

Our current Duel mode allows you to bring three champions into the match, so you need to figure out which ones will work best. Like, for instance, Galena is better in team game modes, I believe, than 1v1. But then I had an argument with one of our programmers who said: 'No, no, no: you can use her offensively in 1v1, and if you play her like this, you'll have an advantage.'

We're waiting to hear back from our fans after our closed beta test about what people think of Duel. We may tweak it some, but our current plan is to start with three champions.
Willits says new mode Sacrifice is being tweaked, and offered up that id Software is working on a new unannounced team mode. As Capture The Flag and Rocket Arena/Clan Arena have yet to be mentioned, both rise to the top for speculation.
[Originally] you held your Sacrifice Point and then you got more points for your frags, but now we're switching it to an act, so that you have to activate the points. So that game mode is still being developed.
New weapons will be coming.
The holy trinity of Quake is of course rocket, rail and lightning gun, so we did not mess with the holy trinity, okay? We would be roasted if we messed with them.

"We've kept a lot of the weapons pretty familiar - but we have a few surprises that I don't want to announce quite yet. Remember, the Quake weapons have been refined, debated and tweaked for 21 years. So we know the speed of a rocket, and we know the damage-over-time of a lightning gun. I want our players to understand that they are going to feel right at home with the weapons. That was really important for us: not to mess that up.
Source: Pocket-Lint.com