Im just want to cry once again.

If you business company, than you need to sell something.

What if ID want to sell champions, but balancing is not a part of their plan?

Noobs start to buy champions, and like in MK Ultimate(sega) they search imba char like Noob Saibot for win? Like cheat searching =)

Why we need ANTI CHEAT if a game is CHEAT by herself?

It system is like provocation to buy more and more.

We know it and we must switch off abilities. So characters for us in QC will be like a plastic toys in market.

As i know BLIZZARD still balancing SC2. =) 8 years.

Do we really believe that such poor company like ID can balance 12+ champions, without any knowledge about gameplay?

Sometimes i think that ATI and NVIDIA pay to ID. And ID must make 99999999999999 polygons per model in map. And no variants for people, they must buy new PC.

So making new game - provocation to buy new NVIDIA INTEL AMD processors.

They just like idiots, add more polygons instead of making true perfect game.

Thats why no true games releases. They even not try to make perfect game.

No one of really necessary cybersport innovations was maded by ID in QC (

Just more polygons, and "new" money system.