Some of you might know about the picture of hearless posted on ESR witch can be found here:

However only a few of us quake enhtusaiasts know the TRUE STORY behind this image :) and what it really is

This is the other half of the picture which is underwater because half of hte camera lens was underwater when the picture was taken and because of an uploading error was not posted to EsportesrR. (dont ask how i know ;) ) This was a rare find that took invesegations.

As you can see Heartless has very larg e knees that were being hidden by this secret mystery... but maybe its obvious to some people because how else are you #1 on thunderstruck? It takes more than practice- some people are just born with a gift. His knees are especially impressive to me because of how flexible and toned they are.. you can see he works extra hard on them to maintain fitness and good quake gameplay skills so that he is in top shape :o