Hi Guys..

I have a problem I'd really like some help with. Details are.

What it is, is a 5 second lag. It's consistently the same in a way that I get a split second peak of 999 and then its ok for a split second. And then I get a 5 second lag period where My ping peaks to 999. It's consistently the same each time. It happens after about 10 minutes of play and can happen 3 times in a duel or none. And you know what I do? Ragequit! It's so frustrating and I have been trying to determine the cause of it. It seems to randomly happen.

There's nothing consistent in my play and it seems to randomly occur.

It's consistent in a way how the lag happens.
It has been happening for the last month or so and after doing virus and malware scans with Avira, malwarebytes, spybot search and destroy, adwcleaner. it still occurs.

I've deleted quakelive and reinstalled and started config from scratch. ( including turning off steamcloud storage)

I noticed it happened after I downloaded someones config. I was wondering if there is some setting in his config that caused me to lag.Like any hardware stetting that anyone knows about??? This is what I really thought it was. But I have done the reinstall of quakelive and reset the config and it still occurs.

Although I did turn off steamcloud and did a clean reinstall.. I notice I am still using a hud (ui/Best_HUD.cfg) Which I used before the reinstall now it's still there. I don't know how it can be as I can't find it anywhere on my computer although it continues to load.

I've played quake since 2002 and am at my wits end trying to solve this issue.. It's so frustrating.