Hello everyone, I'm fiddling with my config and would like to know what you are currently using.

Here is my current configuration, you can copy it and use it as a model for your answer:

Razer Abyssus @ 1800dpi x 1000Hz

sensitivity: 2.25
m_pitch: 0.011
m_yaw: 0.011

QL Mouse accel driver settings (see here):
Sensitivity: 1
Acceleration: 0.0175
SensitivityCap: 1.62
Offset: 0
Power: 2
Post-ScaleX: 0.46
Post-ScaleY: 0.46

PS: Please post all the relevant vars for the sake of completeness... for example my sensi of 2.25 at 1800dpi would be meaningless without specifying I use halved pitch/yaw and driver post-scaling...