I am curious to hear what people think is going to happen when QC is released (whenever that is) and what will happen with current QL players.

If you look at past examples, we have a small amount of players who still only play QW and haven't moved on to Q3/QL. Quake 4 had a decent shot and converting everyone, but it died quickly after the tournaments stopped happening.

I played Q4 when it first came out and enjoyed it, even though it was different from Q3. It wasn't as polished as Q3 but you could argue that once it matured it was a good fast paced game and dueling was as deep as Q3 was at the time. However the game still failed and eventually died completely.

Do you think that, if Quake Champions has a similar entrance to what Quake 4 did (better graphics, updated gameplay elements, but less polished) that the QL player base will be hesitant to convert and bash the game like q3 players did with Q4? Do you think there will still be active QL servers 6 months or 12 months after QC is released?