From the website:
Midair is an extremely fast paced first-person shooter from Archetype Studios. The game features high-flying freedom of movement, physics-based weaponry, and player choice. Fans of FPS-Z games will feel right at home, while players new to the genre will experience a challenge that breaks the mold of traditional mass-produced shooters.

Essentially, it's a proper successor to old school Tribes made by Oldschool tribes veterans (I think). For the unknowing, this means it's an FPS with big open maps that players traverse at tremendous speeds with jetpacks. People shoot each other with projectile weapons (think RL, GL and PG), and the main gamemode is CTF. Full blown 10v10 CTF also involves bases, turrets, inventory stations (where you gear up), maybe vehicles, generators, indoor combat and so on and so forth. But the flag is the main objective.

It seems the community (obviously full of tribes veterans) currently mainly plays an LT like gamemode (LT means Light Tribes). It's 5v5 CTF, no items to pickup, no inventory stations etc.. Just CTF. You spawn with full health and guns (like CA). 3 people from your team start routes and fly across hills and so on, picking up speed, and then attempt to grab the enemy flag. 2 stay at home to defend the flag.

"1,354 backers pledged $128,416 to help bring this project to life." (that was like three weeks ago)
Already got greenlighted as well, meaning it's coming to Steam.

Reddit: (lots of content gets posted there)
Kickstarter Trailer:
Casted LT (Light Tribes) pickup from their 48-hour stream:
1-hour gameplay Q&A during same stream:

Fragmovies (they call'em Montages):
(there's many more. the amount of content the small community around this game has put out so far is astonishing)

Player recorded VODs from pickup games:


Tbh, in terms of quality/efforts/competent-devs/what-the-community-always-wanted™ and so on, this looks to be the Tribes equivalent of Reflex, and at least as good, if not better.