Against all odds, Brood War is still standing strong. Matter of fact, it's almost like SC2 never got released (one can dream). Another testimony to longevity of Korean BW is Afreeca Starleague 2016. The qualifiers are over and all of the 16 participating players are known. Starleague starts tomorrow, 11:30 BST, 17 July 2023 and lasts until September 4th.

The Starleague is loaded with good players, most notable ones being sc2_terran Flash and sc2_zerg EffOrt. Total prizepool is cca ~ USD $21000. All games will be streamed on Afreeca's twitch channel. The English commentary will be provided by Tasteless & Artosis.

Links: twitch Afreeca TV, twitch VODs, wiki, TL preview