I dont know if you heard that story before, maybe not. But its not a big secret actually. Many people know about that especialy russians.
I dont remember it so well. Maybe because it happens not in a single day. It takes like a few month for start to the end. So yea. i probably do not remember everything but overall i can tell you, maybe not so detailed but i will do my best.
I have to start from the moment when i was played duels agains a guy called N1 Huber. It was some russian guy who had very weird playstyle. It was hard to beat him in first time but when you understand how he plays it became more easier. He was all the time +back rail, almost never go for items just rail you on pickup and waiting for your push. So in some moment i start guessing that something unclear here. Because he is always hits his rails but nothing else. He was like 70% Rail and under 25% any other weapons.
At that moment i didn’t know how cheats actually looks. I saw some simple aimbot somewhere on q3 public. But Huber’s rails was looking okayish. So i start searching for ql cheats and you know it wasn’t hard to find. So yea short test shows me thats wh+autoshot force you to play like huber playing.
I dont know why didn’t report in support abut this guy. Probably i simply didn’t know about any kind of support yet. So i decide to tell about Huber to the N1 clan leader. You know its not good if your clan having a cheat in the roster because whole your clan will be under suspicion.
So, i start explaining to the clan leader this situation with huber and clan leader was like “no, its not possible, cheats for quake live are not exist”. And i am like “no dude its takes like 5 min to find and install cheats“. And he is like “ok give me your cheats or i dont belive you”.
So i give him a cheat. And he really liked how it works. He even told me that he gonna play with cheats now coz its fun. But i actually didn't believe him. I really thought it was an joke.
But not. He actually start playing with cheats. You know, he call me on skype and ask to help him install cheats on new computer coz he likes to play on lan with cheats. I was shoked. But we all know i am so fucking nice guy so i refuse to help him and ask him to stop cheating. And he said to me that he will increase his overall accurasy to 31% and then stop cheating. That was obvious bs.
I am sure i just didn’ know about support and how to report people. so i didn’t find other way then just tell to the people that this guy is cheating. Well actually i said before i don’t remember this story so well. It was me who report him to the community as a cheater or i just confirm that his is cheat. Does’t even matter. He got forgiveness from the community. You know he was cheating only 3 month or maybe a bit more. So community wasnt really mad at him.