May be Timm Willits just speaking head, we don't know actually what person we need to dismiss.. anyway...

I looked his interview. Here he tells some things

- Multiplayer of Doom= good. Those who tells that not= wrong

But we know that Doom 4 multiplayer = shit. So he not agree with our competent opinion.

Also Its sounds like "Quake Champions Good and those who say not are wrong" after Quake Champions release...

If i wrong tell me Tim Willits ELO duel rating in Quake Live...

- We want Cooller to love Quake Champions

We all know that if you pay to Cooller he say what you want. I mean overwatch and mouse brands(both are shit and have high price).

Also he thought that Quake Live players not have own opinion and do everything that Cooller says.

Also here my suggestions about new Quake . Lets compare my suggestions and "Timm Willits" suggestions

At the end of this post i want to offer you all to dismiss Tim Willits. We need to email Bethesda about it and ask to dismiss Tim Willits