I clocked in more than 20 hours (which is sadly a high number for me nowadays), so here is my opinion.

Letís get over with the multiplayer first: Itís awful! Itís so bad it literally hurts! Whoever made it with the moduls, the DLCs, and the whatevers, they can go and die in a fire as far as Iím concerned, because itís shit.

The single player is a different thing tho.
- Yes the graphics is pretty far from being a technical marvel in 2016. It's static and it will age badly because of the low res megatextures.
- Yes itís repetitive, and you gonna do the same thing over and over again until the end
- Yes itís the same bad story telling again from id
- Yes the enemies are stupid, and there are not enough of them
- etc.

- Itís beautiful and itís fast (on a modern system)
- The weapons and the responsiveness feels so good, itís like kissing tits: It doesnít matter how many times you do it, it never gets old (e.g.: <3 plasmagun).
- There is actually a nice story this time, but who cares, when you have awesome weapons and enough ammo.
- The enemies are indeed stupid sadly, but Nightmare is challenging enough to keep you busy and smiling.

I hated Doom 3 and Quake 4 and I was sure that this one will be bad too, but I was wrong. While it's nothing like the original Doom was (sadly), this new Doom SP is not bad at all and it was great fun for me tbh. Now all we need is some new campaigns, online coop and lots of enemies modded in:)

ps.: Oh and again, whoever did the multiplayer: please die!