Shootmania part 590023402, LOL edition.

X, Y, Z... im not going to say names, you all know who you are. Time to stop looking for the next trendy shitty game and get a real job. You were once good at a great game, have some decency and just cut the bullcrap, modern e-sports are a joke. Keep supporting our game at a small underground level, play the odd online tournament, whatever, just drop the act about becoming a "professional gamer". Modern FPS suck serious ass and MOBA's are all dominated by autist asians, not worth anyone's time.

Sorry, had to be said.

PS: Q5 will suck too. By the time it becomes playable at a competitive level (after the community fixes it) everyone that's still around will be back to casually playing Q3/QL and watching Cooller kick ass on Twitch.