The next major release of warsow Warsow introduces some significant changes to the engine along with some polish and fixes to the gameplay.

The first major change is that now the renderer is off-loaded into a separate thread, meaning that your mouse movement and networking is not affected by screen refresh rate anymore. The second major change is that third-party maps and textures will now be sandboxed so that they can no longer override stock Warsow assets. We have also changed path to local profile and cache on *nix systems to better follow the XDG Directory Specification. And last but not least is the major uplift that the Race game mode has received thanks to hettoo's efforts. As usual, a fair amount of bugfixes along with mapping and modding improvements has gone into the release.

Have fun and see you in the game!

Downloads: Windows Installer, Linux+Windows, OS X, SDK, Torrent
Links:, Translate Warsow, mIRC #Warsow, #Warsow.Pickup