Update 0.40 dropped earlier today. Highlights of this update include new first person weapon animations, hand models in first person, new Ion Cannon sounds, re-vamped scoreboard, in-game stats for weapons, new weapon effects, and more.

Reflex 0.40.0 marks the first release using a new set of internal development tools. While developing, we often find ourselves going back to the Steam build to play random peasants and are immediately stuck by how much it sucks compared to the development version we've been using. With these new systems in place, we should be able to release smaller updates more often, instead of holding on to good features for 3 weeks waiting for other features to become shippable. We're not entirely sure what our release schedule will be like yet, but the take away for players is that you can expect to see features within a couple of days of them being ready.

Gif of some of the new animations
Ion Cannon in action

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