And I keep playing it.

So far I played :

- aTDM (arena TDM, Clan Arena) on some big maps and on campgrounds remakes. My movements getting better. I like a lot the feeling of the weapons, my RL is actually less shitty than in QL, also mainly because you can RJ then bunny-strafes and rush the opponent. Also the feeling is different, I actually prefer reflex's rockets over quakelive's. I end up 1st in scoreboard 90% of the time. I hate campgrounds in vQL/Q3 CA, but with CPM physics it's so smooth, and at least it's not "all go bridge then spam rocket and pray to not fall down and getting air-shaft rapped". You have much more freedom cause of the movements and fast weapons switching. The LG is also very strong, which is nice. The railgun has quite a slow reload time, which is nice cause if you miss you're more punished than in CPM.
I like a lot the big maps, because there again, it's not "all go top and spam rl, then fall down and rail only". And if you're with good team m8s you can bunny-strafes together, basically you move as fast as your team m8s and you rush the opponents. Reminds me a bit of warsow CA when I played it a lot with my team, except that in reflex you can't run as much because no dash nor walljumps (and the weapons are stronger than in warsow), I like it better I guess. Movements are strong but you can't abuse it endlessly (unlike in warsow sometimes).
I think I like 4v4+ CA much better in reflex than in quakelive because it's, like I said, less about hidding behind walls and rocket spam all the time, and you have much more freedom cause of the movements. It's less repetitive than in quakelive. And the maps are BIG, really fuck asylum and its 2m to dodge @ 4v4.

- a1v1 (arena 1v1, Duel Arena) on some duel maps and amphi. I miss thunderstruck but I heard there is a remake of it in reflex so when I'll have the occasion to play it I'll do it for sure :). So far I beat all the people I played against, but I guess that if I played players like memphis, gaiia, hal_9000, Vo0, kyto or rama, I could get schooled :). Will see if I'll ever have the occasion to play one of them at least :).
Overall it's fun. Not perfect, mainly cause duel maps are a bit +b without items, but at least with the movements it's easier to rush the opponent than with strafe-jump only :).

- 1v1 (duel) on ruin, a small map and easy to learn/understand, on simplicity, bigger map than ruin but probably more interesting to play in the long term. I played some relatively weak players and also with items timers :D, it was fun. Lost once against a bit more experienced player, but didn't get my revenge :p.
I still have trouble with the movements, mainly because no autohop so I have to get back the feeling of the double-jumps on stairs etc. Will come with practice.
Overall I had fun playing it.

- FFA, on campgrounds with items timer :D. Easy as fuck but a lot of fun, ended up 1st most of the time. Also played another map that I don't remember the name, which has powerup, and I lost badly :p, hard to learn a relatively complex and big map :).
I'll play more of FFA cause it was a fun experience and you can shaft rape fresh spawned players :ppppp.

What I really like about this game:

- the GFX, it looks smooth and pretty, even in lowest settings
- the engine, it plays smooth, 250fps stable np even with 10 people on the maps
- the crosshair's settings, more complete than in quakelive
- the fact that it's very easy to set up your config and get a clean one
- the weapons, they feel strong, and the balance is good
- the movements, at least you don't feel like jamerio (a fat bastard) when you move or fall down, more freedom and creativity than strafe-jump only
- the netcode

What I miss from QL in this game:

- no autohop (so means you have to spam the jump button on stairs etc, quite annoying at times)
- no zoom (I mean I heard you can still have a zoom but it's like very difficult to set it up, the game really need a zoom that is as easy to set up as @ quakelive, I mean like in the menu, bind a key to zoom and bam you're done)
- would be could if we could remove the damages indicator for the LG at least, damage plum would be more enjoyable if it was customizable like in QL for each weapon.
- no high quality simpleitems
- no stats, accuracy etc
- less people playing the game (I mean the game isn't very popular sadly)


Going to play starcraft 2 campaign now, really need to finish it :) (started with WoL campaign, so with the Terrans, and I plan to play zerg and protoss campaign when I'm done with WoL's campaign. Starcraft > overwatch.