looks like sync error has stopped caring about qwake and reflex doesn't look interesting anymore. how bout we all work together and make the next great shooter?

idtech 4?
weapon skins?

anyone down to get this started?
i will help with funding and map making IF the mechanics are on point(q4 mechanics with a few twists sounds good to me)

yay - nay?

shame qwake will be dead soon without a worthy successor.
WE deserve our SFIII :< (a game so good that ppl will be running yearly, large scale tournaments 20-30 years after it's last update)

inb4 ql is bestquake and we should keep playing it [just stahp]


if we do this, we need to nominate a leader who has connections, who will think outside of the box, and has a lot of determination.
memento-mori would be the first person i'd consider.

schizm as our spokesperson would also be wise(i kid ;)

anyways, if you guys are interested in doing this/helping. pm me and well get on irc to talk.