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Gametype: Duel
Map: Various Maps
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: thund3rbolt
How to play back QL demos

Broz Thund3rbolt demos from sundaycup21
In this tournament my Nick was wannabeM19*leXeR !
WHY?Because im a big fan of LeXeR and UNKIND, but the main reason was that they dont know what are my best maps!
I had many lags/freezes also my wifi connection was like 3/5 played in kitchen...Was pissed of cause had soo many freezes and opponent just killed me :(
First game was vs balkan map sinister When score was 6:3 i was down with 3 frags and had no stack....and time left was like 4 minutes i thought im gonna lose this for sure....but when got control i was like its possible and i slowly started to get frags and even won him 10:5 GG
Second game was vs k1llsen map furiousheights when i hit 4 rails in a row i was like i gonna kill him for sure but had lag and he just killed me....RIP but anyways it was expected me to lose
Third game was vs Broz Beater my brother =) and he ragequited when i had 8 frags the game was very short it took like only 4 minutes :D
Fourth game was vs smoke map Lostworld .I even dont know who is he never played vs him before...In the beginning of match i wrote to him "Wanna hear a secret?" and he was like "sure" and i told him that this is my best map HAHAHA i didnt played that well...could do way better...was too agressive
When tournament ended i went to qlstats.net and looked his duel elo was 2198 129 LOL really? But for me he played like 1900elo very close game even if i didnt played that well.....was like minute left and he probably had 100 100 or 200 100 something like that and i had like 100 50 and killed him LOL
He played well...And the last game was vs base_ map furiousheights he even told me that i warp.. his rail was like 70 procent.funny was that he was chaseing me and i got red armor and megahealth but ye i didnt even did damage at this point... He did like 1000 damage me only 100 :( but that was expected me to lose aswell!!! Anyways i feel im getting better and better in sunday cups!Sorry for my english mistakes!
Have Wounderfull time watching demos :)))))