I mean I can, but max height jumps always fail. It feels completely weird, and it's happened suddenly. I had a problem with the mouse driver when an update failed, and that's about when the problem started, but the profile is saved in the mouse itself, so...I dunno. I also had a spillage incident and had to strip my keyboard, wash it out, and get high off half a bottle of isopropyl, but both the keyboard and the mouse seem to function as before. I don't think the problem is me, because it's so sudden and so noticeable.
The mouse is plugged into the USB port on the keyboard, but it always was, plus I doubt that could introduce any lag, since it's just a passive pass-through. PLUS, a little lag on the mouse shouldn't affect this. A little lag on the keyboard might.
I haven't yet tried swapping the keyboard and mouse pass-through leads from the keyboard, but seriously...how much slower can one USB port be than the one next to it?
I can make max height jumps by slightly delaying the jump, but it never fely that way before. It felt like it was exactly simultaneous, and any slight delay on the jump to get max height was happening automatically as far as I was concerned and I never noticed it.
I'm getting this issue regardless of ping.
The only other change is that I've lowered my sensitivity from 29cm/360 to 30.5. Sure, it DOES feel a little different as I look down to place the rocket, but nothing that explains why all my RJ's are half-height suddenly.
Any ideas while I find the old mouse driver and check that my sensitivity hasn't changed for some reason?