I know that some people here got about 20-30 in their possesion mice just for testing ( yes i'm talking about McFly ) but what about mousepads ? Since the summer of 2004 i have bought more than a dozen of pads, here's my list

corepad original,eyepad, eyepad XL,qck,steelpad 4D, sharkoon 1337XL ,corepad magna, icemat, corepad victory, steelseries SP, puretrak talent, zowie G-RF, everglide titan (x2) masterpad lowsense, qpad, qpad ct,noidpad, funcf30r(x2), func u30r,func c-series

Out of all these here are the worst ones, these pads were just a wate of money from my point of view , i make about 300 euros a week nowdays but I still feel like i threw money in the sea.

corepad magna + icemat V2 black : these should be fine, back in the 2004 when i was using mx310 - claw grip - 800dpi - high sens - left hand ( yes you heard that right ) corepad original was pretty good

But now i that i always use my dominant hand to aim and low sens ( usually 40cm/360 with a IE 3.0 plus hyperglides MS-3 ) those 2 pads were just horrible, If i had still corepad original on my possesion for some testing i would have never bought the other 2 glass pads in the first place.

Good news is that magna cost me about 24$ minus shipping from an american shop and icemat only 35 euros (including shipping )from a german shop, why do I hate them ? They were too uncomfortable ( hands do not slide well on glass at all !! ) and their friction was kinda high compared to steelseries SP and func f30r not to mention they were too small for my sens anyways, i thought i could adjust by increasing it but no dice.

masterpad lowsense : just HORRIBLE, stay away !!!

corepad victory : the thing was an utter dissapointment from the very start, i thought that it would feel like the rough side of my steelpad 4D (which had already wore out both ways after 2 months of extensive use :( ) but no, those jackasses sold me a smooth pad instead, i mean c'mon who prefers a smooth plastic surface instead of a rough one ? I was determined to give it a fair try tho but after some weeks of use it became even slower, i tried core-wax with no results, in the end I gave it away to a cs kid and never looked back.

func c-series : really bad too, i thought this was supposed to be another hybrid pad but it's just another clothpad with some fancy painting, no sense of slickness at all, my zowie G-RF is faster and more suitable for microcorrections than this POS and it's made of 100% pure water resistant cloth, only good thing about it is its cool packaging.

func surfaceX : i bought it thinking that it was just like a func F30R XL, only thinner, god i was wrong !!! i stuck it above my old worn out titan (it has reusable glue in the back) and the thing wore out(became even slower) in about 20 mins of cs 1.6 deathmatch !!! btw it says func u-series U30R, maybe they send me the wrong pad ?

qck+ fnatic limited edition : This pad must be the fastest clothpad i ever used, the glide is pretty similar with the one of a "fresh" puretrak talent, not only that but it you don't feel ANY kind of texture when you move the mouse, zulu said that its feel is pretty close to goliathus speed, ( never tried one tho ) i mean seriously, WTF ? not only i feel like i have little control over the mouse movements but its cloth feels kinda sticky to my skin, making the whole experience unfomfortable and slightly annoying, 2 major pros for this pad , 1 ) VERY fast and smooth glide, if you are in for that kind of thing, i can't tell if it will stay that way for long tho 2) NO jitter that i could detect with abyssus, not that it really matters now, i'm currently using and zowie 1.1 black and considering buying a ec2 black too

coolermaster DP CS-X : pretty similar to qck+ fnatic only the color and thickness changes, a little bit jittery with the abyssus but that's it, same gay stickyness that makes my wrist feel weird

Anyway i guess that sums it up, i'm about to order my third func F30R now and stick it on top of the titan + surfaceX fail combo :P

If you want any info on the other pads of my collection feel free to ask, don't hesitate to post your own pad-dissapointments too :)

edit : i was talking about zowie G-RF, i DO NOT own zowie G-TF

edit 2 : more pads( and money :( ) to the trash bin !!! qck+ fnatic coolermaster dp2 cs-x, atleast i have finally found the perfect one for my needs, zowie g-tf !!! i don't care if it wears out the very next day, i'd still buy a second one in a heartbeat :D