With the new steam exclusive version of Quake Live pretty much everything that extraQL 1.x did is now obsolete.

The best way to get extraQL 2.0 is through the Steam Workshop.
After installing it, you can find extraQL.exe under
c:\program files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\282440\539252269

At this point only a few scripts are included:
/steamnick <name>: changes your steam nickname (allows unicode characters)
/r_autoFullscreen <n>: 1=fullscreen when joining, 2=windowed when leaving, 3=both
gamestart.cfg: will be executed when you join a game
gameend.cfg: will be executed when you leave a game

(you can create these files in your baseq3 folder where you have your config and autoexec.cfg)