Im suffering a crisis. I stopped playing quakelive bc i cant stand being forced to play with a gay announcer, im currently messing a little with reflex and qw, but im being unable to get hooked to any game right now. Upgraded my cpu/mem last year (i5-4570, 8g ram), and two weeks ago i bought a 750 SC. Ive bought/downloaded a lot of games recently, but im failing to get hooked to them. Even playing games i enjoyed a lot some years ago but stopped playing because of x motives, like bc hardware not good enough to play at max settings, example Oblivion, i installed it again, maxed graphics, downloadad hi res pack, but it feels empty like the rest of the games i try.

For some reason my suspension of disbelief is failing. Example: I get close to textures, no mater the game if you get close enough you see the texture pixels, and it makes me sad. Im afraid im maturing at 37 years old and these games are starting to feel empty. That or my perfectionist side has become too demanding. We are in 2015, more than 10 years has passed since doom3 (which was the last game that made me crazy happy with its graphic improvements for the time) and i just see minor improvements in games. Dying Light for example, it has great graphics, but you still see pixels if you get close to things and the animations are good but nothing revolutionary.