Dear Quake 3 and Quake Live casters,

I'm creating this thread to gather your opinions on a few specific points.

First, if you've never heard of the old 2D viewer project, please take a look at this ESR thread:

Here are my questions for you:
1. If you had a 2D demo viewer that would play back dm_90 demos "live" (with some latency, more on that later), would you be interested in using it? Would you want to use it for yourselves (say on a screen whose content isn't captured in your stream) so you can better inform your viewers with talk or would you want to show the viz. to your viewers?
2. What kind of latency do you think is tolerable for viz. and/or general info (text messages)?
3. Assuming you would want to display the viz. as a small quad somewhere on top of the first-person view in your stream, would you be able to set up your stream so that the audio/video of Quake/commentary are delayed by a fixed amount of time and thus the result well sync'd (i.e. first-person and 2D view are in sync)?

Here are some latency measurements I just did for maximum latency. Of course, depending on what happens in game and where you stand, results will change. I made several measurements for each case and share the ranges I obtained, but what we're really interested in is the worst case scenario.

So it seems that with a delay manually set to 2.5-3s for TDM and CTF games, we should be able to play back demos robustly.

I also thought of some other things that might help the caster make sense of what is happening in TDM/CTF:
- text displaying who has quad/regen/bs right now
- text displaying who has which flag
- text displaying which player took the last RA/quad/regen/bs
- text displaying which player killed the last quad/bs runner

I also think that for the offline mode, being able to jump at any time in the demo and having the option to generate for e.g. a heat map would be most useful for post-match analysis.

Please note that I haven't (re-)started the project yet.

Your thoughts?