Scheduled: 20:00 GMT, 4 January 2015 to 22:00 GMT, 4 January 2015
Schedule: Passed

After two months of grinding maps, leet demos with crazy shortcuts and routes, unexpected holes on maps, DFWC2014 is coming to an end.

The last round ends this Sunday, on January, 4th, at 17-59 GMT, but a little intrigue remains.
United Kingdom Xavier 'zoot' Dhorne will launch the final stream with his regular co-host United States of America nebuLa. This time the guest in the studio will be Sweden Arcaon. It's highly recommended visiting this stream, you will see analysis and demonstration of top10 demos from last round and best demos from whole DFWC2014 as well as questions and answers!

zoot: "Sorry all.. I'm too ill to run the show today, I can barely talk =/ Next weekend [on January, 11th, at 20-00 CET] we have a show arranged anyway to cover all the activities that happened through the DFWC2014. There will be lots of cool guests then, hope you'll tune in :)".

This DFWC marks the second time of Defrag challenge having a prize pool (the first was HANGTIME2 CUP). And this time the amount of donations is really huge - $1556! You still can donate, paypal is [email protected].

Streams: Zlive, uN*DeaD|ZERG [RU]
Links:,,, #defrag