Know this is a long shot, but im looking to track down some old WMO/1.1a/3.0 or even a Kinzu that has a dodgy sensor so i can put my done DAs to good use.

Where would i go about trying to look for some of these mice that are done for? Any specific forum you would look at first? or should i just go around to all the pc/hardware forums and just see if anyone has?

Ive gone through 3 x Deathadders since 2008 or so, my latest one is a 2013 which i shelved after about 9 months of use in favor of going back to a smaller lighter mouse. Would like to try and swap the sensor over on whatever mice i can get my hands on. Ive used 1.1a and 3.0s from 2002-2007 and pretty much just left them for dead when i bought a 4.0 thinking it would be the same.

If you want to trade some of yours let me know, or if you got a bunch ill send you one back when i am done as i think i got 3 or so DA sensors sitting around.