The new Abyssus (with the newest available firmware) doesnīt maintain consistent polling rate at any setting; 125hz, 500hz nor 1000hz.

If you own this mouse please test it for yourself using either mousemovementrecorder.exe or mouserate.exe (google for dl) and post results here.

If you are not familiar with testing maximum polling rate:
Move the cursor with semi-fast consistent speed doing a circle formation within the testing area of mouserate.exe or within the desktop (donīt let the cursor wonder off to the edges of the screen) with mousemovementrecorder.exe.

Now I know some people with specific hardware are unable to get consistent 1000hz with any mouse, but 125hz and 500hz should be fine and you can test using them.

I would also like to point out that this is not a problem with my motherboard or other hardware/firmware/software as I am able to achieve consitent rates with numerous different mice. I own quite a few of them..

So please test and report your results!

I contacted Razer support on this matter and they basically told me to exchange this mouse after ruling out all the possibilities of hardware, firmware or software problems. I just really doubt that me AND my friend both got defect mice, and it is actually broken firmware or broken design/hardware by Razer with this mouse.

Here are some pictures of what is going on at 1000hz with
Abyssus 2014
Old Abyssus

Pictures are generated using the output of mousemovementrecorder.exe using same PC and same USB port.