NB: I wanted the title to be "League of Legend Stereotypically Asinine as Usual)" but title limit on characters prevented me, hence the R-bomb.

Hi friends) I just came by briefly as I noticed that some random unlisted Youtube video of mine suddenly spiked by like 6k views. It had been previously embedded here on ESR, but that was months ago and wasn't watched much. Stay a while and listen! For I am about to unveil the developments of the past hour or so.

It was a video from the summer of KaceyTron (appendicies below) from over the summer. Given the current rage and overheating in regards to all that gamergate* shite

* Won't bore you with too much details but here's a paragraph-long summary: Jew Lizards with tits hiding behind the labels of feminism to veil them from being called out on "journalistic ineptitude" having a contest with raged teenage /b/tards high off mountain dew and RapeSection porn about who can be the worst human being on the internet. It's a tie so far!

Anyways, given the circumstances and the degeneracy of both sides of this pseudo-argument, you can see how one might get cautious about an unlisted video gathering 6000 views quite fast and out of nowhere. One would hate to get mixed up with degeneracy of either side's extremeties, especially considering the gamergate outrage is uncalled for, immature and asinine; meanwhile Zoey Quinn makes that guy from Ocean Marketing (google if needed) seem honest and stable, and Anita Sarkessian, despite claiming to be an advocate for change, is not very good at providing objective explanations for the subjects she attempts to cover. Obviously those girls do not deserve the backlash they got (including death threats), but there is so much dishonesty and sensationalism coming from everywhere that it's hard to contextualise the whole thing AND remain objective and still care. But I digress.

Especially considering the whole gamergate side-story was merely a red herring, and you, dear TUPOY(AYA) GANDON(PIZDA) READING THIS have fell right for it! For after unsuccessful google searches and brief twitter/reddit sweeps to find the source of the leak. I was able to finally place the pieces together with the help of YouTube analytics, which notified that the spike hit instantly on the 13th of October. What does this all have to do with League of Retards?

Here's an ESR topic discussing the sale of Mr Florin's Twitch website
Here's a page from a LoL-centric 9gag clone ("LoR-only 9fag clone" sounds like recursive shit by the way. Smelly, Ebola-infected shit from a Down's syndrome sufferer with additional gastro-instestinal disorders).

2 more mouse clicks have established that the copy+paster's main hobbies (apart from out-of-context third-party content recycling/theft) include "playing LoL", having an anti-boner for that chick because inferior League brain cannot grasp the concept of satire and "worshipping the pope" (RIP PAPIEZ [*] YOU ARE MEN!!!). Considering donations have been asked for lesser reasons than DEFENDING THE HONOUR OF ESR (such as "sup guys plx send me accross an ocean for make benefit of glorious nation of QukeLife it will totally worth it for me AND YOU ALL BY PROXY AS WELL"), we start a whip-round to send someone to Poland and for a stat-track M9 Bayonet IRL so we can trace this marcin and CUT OFF HIS XYN (CHUJ). That'll learn him. Yeeep. *spits on floor*

Meanwhile, as a pre-emptive attempt at damage control, I shall change the title of the unlisted youtube video from "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA TUPAYA PIZDA*))))" (dumb cunt in .RU) to "This video is taken out of context, the chick is being facetious, League of Retards is shit and "marcin" can eat a dick". I really don't want to be mistakenly associated with those gamergate retards. Or those degenerates playing Valve/Riot Cocoroach Simulator: Down Syndrome Edition (DotA 2 being the "Pro edition") to keep watching my randomly recorded stream video I only put on youtube during the summer to show aids and rehepapp.

And that concludes our ad-hoc journey into the MOZG of ShadyVoltaire. Thank you Atlanta, you've been a wonderful audience. GOODNIGHT!