as enemy model. And I came up with the conclusion that Tankjr + lodbias 2 + playerLean 0 is better than keel lodbias -2.
Why ?

I hit at a non moving target, at the sides of the model, and also a tiny bit above the head/feet of the model, and what happens is that when you hit at keel's side, it's counted as a hit even if you don't "touch" the character model.
Basically tankjr + lodbias 2 fits a bit more the current hitbox than keel. Like I said, there are holes at the sides of keel, as well as above his head. And surprisingly enough, tankjr model doesn't exceed the hitbox actually :O, except for 1 of his arm, which is obviously not a big deal.
And with playerLean 0, he basically never goes out of the hitbox while moving (fast).

After all these years I thought that keel fitted the hitbox better than tank, but apparently I was wrong... BUT, if you use tankjr, ensure that playerLean is set to 0, and also lodbias to 2.

tl;dr tankjr lodbias 2 playerLean 0 > keel lodbias -2