I finally switched from my Deathadder to my WMO recently, wanting to try three new things at once: my new mousepad, my old-ish WMO that someone from ESR gave me for free (totally awesome!), and low sensitivity. For the past few years, I've been using super high sens (6cm/360 in Q3), which means wrist-only movement, and it's pretty unhealthy. Not only that, but I've gotten really angry at just how bad my aim/accuracy is. I was hoping to get at least a bit better by lowering my sens and all that.

Anyway, I figured it would be cool to draw something on the shell; some little piece of line art or w/e. What I would like to know is what plastic the WMO's top shell is made of, and if this is even possible to do without ruining the mouse. Is there such a dye that will not rub off with sweat and consistent use?

P.S. I'm a terrible artist a friend of mine will be doing the actual art. A very good artist friend. One who knows how to hold a pen.