This guy Tardiss knows what's up:

"I know what is wrong with strenx, he has that frustration of mud. Instant muddy feeling, all the timings are off for projectiles and angles. Strafe is off ending in a bunch of face plants into walls. Iv'e been looking and looking and looking for the answers for years, who and how or what is doing this to me?... A sync Error? Our modems get fooled of the wrong time, putting us at 150 ping, but reads 30 on scoredboard? One thing I am convinced of is that somebody is doing it, it is not just random lag and errors. I thought I got close, to finding it when I started looking at hidden running files in the temporary folders. Then I thought I was close when I saw the map files had weird permissions, but that was more of a constant corrupting texture file than this. I thought for a while the the camera POV wias being screwed with, i think there are multiple adjustments.... seems to make me look out my right eye but straight ahead, so I would have to add an extra hook to my direct close range rockets, almost to the point the enemy is off the screen to hit. I know you got to do that in high speed situations, just saying it is it is just out of adjusment.

I started to think there was some never ending looping jpg file hogging gpu resources<temp file again>. Same with cpu, a looping performance hogging worm.
Whatever, have a nice day."

the truth is out there