I am absolutely digging the fuck out of stoner/doom/psychedelic/occult rock with female vocals. Can't get enough of this shit:

Jex Thoth's voice is fucking amazing, the SubRosa album is probably the best thing I've heard in recent memory, and every The Devil's Blood album is also The Shit (sadly the composer killed himself recently, putting an end to the band). Unfortunately these 5 bands are all I have at the moment. Do you have any further recommendations other than these? I know some of you here know your shit. I bet brandan can come up with a few gems.

(Of course, feel free to post anything in this style that you would rate 10/10, not necessarily with female vocals. Until recently my experience with this stuff had basically been limited to Electric Wizard and Orange Goblin. Other bands I have been digging the fuck out of: All Them Witches, Black Pyramid, Bongripper, Bongzilla, Conan, Earthless, Goatsnake, Purple Hill Witch, Samsara Blues Experiment, The Sword, Ufomammut, Witch and Wo Fat)