Take a gander at this bizarre phenomenon.

I took these screenshots on March 31st 2014 when I used the "moron" handle, but I was too lazy to post 'em 'til now. So I saw this craziness in the server browser and I'm thinking to myself, "What the blueberry Jesus nipples is aslkjfd doing?" But when I joined, I became even more confused. There he was with 7 different variations of his name, plus Rigg5 randomly standing on top of a pole like a fireman stripper preparing to engage a twirling descent and shed his armored regalia. They all sat in those positions for several minutes, seemingly lost in trance as winky face chat bubbles floated above their bodies. To this day, I don't know what was going on. Perhaps an interstellar invocation ritual to summon the Vadrigar? Or maybe Rigg5 was being sacrificed to the void in the presence of aslkjfd and his 7 evil clones? Such would be routine happenings... in the Twilight Zone.