ok i'm wew,few time ago i got banned due to multiaccount,i said sorry i want to apologize for my beaviour,i explain everything--->
1- i did a lot of accounts,trash accounts and i was completely wrong 3/4 of them are only trash i deleted a lot of them
2- i bhougt a pro account to my friend for his birthday,but lately he was not using it then i used the account to spawn server there is a pro account not used now i don't really get the logic of the abuse cause i can use 2 different mac or ip this is nosense really (i'm clear to say that) ---> if you don't believe me just email him
3- i did another account after the ban and you banned me again---> why nobody answered me jesus christ you answer me in notime when i get banned but when i try to contact you you simply ignore me

4----> i really love quake and quake live i only want another opportunity and i want to know why you are harassing me like that with these bans and please i want to play only with one account(wew) i will not harass nobody and create others account if you let me use one and let me play in peace

5---> btw let's be honest each other---> 2 minutes for new mac adress and new account i will play the same ban or not,you can make your job easier to letting me play clean
stay up bros i hope in an answer this time thanks