I wrote a little script for leagues and website admins, which will help to make an easy screenshots without print-screens and manual cropping.

The script makes these actions:
- render stats from url using PhantomJS
- increase width to "640px"
- remove background images
- hide "header"
- hide "close" button
- hide "navigation bar"
- show absolute date (not relative)
- change date and time format to "DD MMM YYYY HH:MM"
- sort and colorize teams summary (first - winner, second - loser)
- calculate and add columns "netFrags" and "netDamage"
- show players scores (optional)
- show weapon frags (optional)
- show weapon accuaracy (optional)
- set team names (optional)
- automatic upload to imgur.com

May be not stable, because new hosting and Nodejs... Sorry for that.

Enjoy: http://quakelife.ru/tools/scores-screenshot/