I recently wrote the first of a series of analytical articles to come about Quake Live.
This first one is about Belarus Cypher's playstyle for Titan, which is a take on how the Belarusian player approaches the various aspects of the game.

Here's a preview:
"As internet traffic evolved from the old copper phone lines to state of the art fibre-optics, games like Quake started to make full use of the new possibilities. With their focus shifting from single player campaigns to online deathmatch frenzies, users were finally able to compete live, against real people, from all around the world. This intense competitive environment is what the young Alexey Yanushevsky, who would later become known as "Cypher", ended up falling in love with."

The article is written in United Kingdom English and also translated to Russia Russian, check it out here!

Links: Read the article, Twitter @Titanorg, Facebook Titanpro, Twitter @Theamazingins Facebook Theamazingins