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Rating: 9.7 (131 votes)
Maze - a 15 minute long cpma CPM movie closing a gaming chapter in the life of a German DeFRaG player who started in 2005. With this movie two defragger, Maze and Bliccer, want to say thank you and goodbye to the community.

This movie comes in all kind of flavours. Everything available in HQ, MQ, and LQ. A standard name & time hud, topviews of the maps for orientation and the COMPLETEPACK, which includes the topviews as a second video track, input subtitles, extra clips, all redesigned maps (you can use these for your own demos) and maze' demos.

Movie download is preferred to YouTube streaming, since latter doesn't support 50fps. Of course the author recommends downloading the completepack and starting the full experience by reading the info file inside.

Also posted on IGMDb.