Slightly smaller than the 3.0, but ergonomically said to be closer to it than the Razer Deathadder and Zowie EC1.

Alcor (Optical) €34,90 +Shipping [Takasta Review]
Mizar (Laser) €44,90 +Shipping [Takasta Review]

AFAIK this is the first revision of the Alcor on sale at, they have mentioned a second revision that will be on sale soon based on feedback. I'm hoping they'll have taken into account some of the concerns regarding increased smoothing due to higher dpi and materials used, specifically housing it in the Mizar shell with the additional side grips would be ideal given the non glossy sides will be awful for those of you with dry hands (myself included).

At that price though it might be worth a pre-emptive purchase for some of you, such a steal.