I just had the idea of quake going cross platform. I actually think it would be beneficial to quake knowing how popular consoles are.

Think about the pros and cons.


You might say it would dumb down the game as it is now. It is a valid point, however, it is not much of a problem as I believe even with console standard of aim assist or not PC players would still have an edge given the superiority of a highly mappable keyboard binds and precision of mice. If anything it is an actual pro as not everyone needs to play quake on the highest level.

It would introduce an arbitrary split of the community. But this two could be bridged in some ways.


I would make quake more popular and accessible curing the small player base it has. It would introduce console people to a good arena shooter as opposed to all the chest high wall hugging military shooters. If a console player fell in love with the game he/she would at some point hit a skill cap because of the flawed controller and switch to PC to keep improving.

Hell, it might even popularize PC gaming a little and if not it would still feed our ego over console fps plebs.

Console gaming seems more casual and if there would be always some active console players it would have an easier entry point for beginners and we wouldn't have to ponder so much how to teach new players the game while every newbie now already is at least intermediate level.

I tried to find some of the videos of a guy playing quake on an Xbox controller and some Aussie playing at a land with a joystick. If you have those videos post them here. It's a proof you can play the game on console to some extent.


Not the best way of playing the game and certainly have flaws, but these guys are still playing a legit quake game with different devices than keyboard and mouse. So it is possible.

Are there any failed or succesful cross platform games you know of? What was the reason for their success or failure?