Received my steelseries kana v2 yesterday. Was happy to try it out finally. Plugged it in installed the driver (just to be sure about the cpi steps and for sensitivity calculating.)

Then the driver was auto checking for firmware version. I didn't check the screen the whole time but i guess the firmware updated at some time, while the mousewheel was blinking. Im sure it didn't fail. At least there was no message (and it said 100%). I also don't use any energy saving features for USB and my system runs pretty stable.

However after the firmware update the wheel stopped blinking and the cursor didn't move anymore. Only the red led under the mouse was ON all the time (even when the computer is OFF.)

Should i just RMA it to the online store i bought it? I mean was it my own fault or something. Was it a faulty unit?
The whole thing sucks as i wasn't even sure if i wouldn't RMA it anyway. The shape would be something i would have get used to first.