I realized that there are players in our community that are so concerned about their stats so they abort the match if they start losing too much or if a result is bad for them in the last seconds.

It may happen only on private servers where the owner thinks that he's the boss and can do anything. In my opinion it is pure abuse and it needs to be punished publicly. This behavior shows no respect for opponents and it may bring unnecessary bad emotions when someone denies all the effort you put into game by a single command.

TLDR: whoever abort the match instead of forfeiting gets listed in this thread

Hall of Shame:
Greece hadrian - abort 2 times in a row (1st after ~3min, 2nd around ~8min) - I used to like playing with him, because we usually had very close and intense games.
France bd7 - abort around 5 seconds before the end

I'm curious if you experienced similar situations or other disrespect of your opponents. Feel free to extend the list with clarifications, so we can know who to watch out for.