may be this will be useful for some movie makers not to waste time by capturing demos.
my windows powershell script to capture ql demos to .avi in 4 processes\threads.
4 processes\threads coz one capture process of wolfcam uses only 20-25% of my CPU.
how to use:
1. save text in .ps1 file.
2. change variables, paths to dirs, cap.cfg, demo names and times, etc.
3. google how to run .ps1(windows powershell scripts) from via double click.
4. profit.

i also made encoding all the .avi after this capture from wolfcamql's .avi (cl_avicodec huffyuv) to lagarith lossless to save free space and faster editing but dont think some1 needs it.

ps: make sure there are minimum 2 demos at $demos:
$demos = @(