I think 2v2 is about the only thing that can save the NA team based game community at this point outside of CA. CTF plays extremely well in 2v2 its very "tactical" position is paramount. The thing lacking is 2v2 CTF maps.

What makes a good 2v2 CTF map, examine the prototypical 2v2 CTF Map in q3ctf1, very simple symmetrical layout, this insures a 2nd chance at either regaining the flag or killing the enemy flag if you play correctly insuring one death isn't going to = a free cap.

Options for 2v2 CTF in QL are limited to

Dueling Keeps
Troubled Waters
Space CTF (lol space)




Fallout Bunker

Things that can be added

Fallout Bunker (dc version)
Space CTF (dc version)
BlastRadius (dc_map23)

Adding a CTF modification to previous maps these are maps that would take very little changes to turn into a CTF Map. (the map would remain the same it would just access a different file for the CTF game type so these maps would still remain as is in other game types)

Arena Gate
Hell's Gate
Proving Grounds

What set Seganet apart was it had the perfect 4 player set up and the perfect map pool for each gametype, for a long time Dreamcast was fueling PC quake 3 4v4 Clans. I think a committee of CTF/TDM players should try to get a decent map pool together for 4 slot servers that always remain standard and don't change from month to month. If id feels they could lose money off this at the very least make the 4 player set up a pro subscriber launch option but that any subscriber level can join.

I wish I knew how to post map pictures.