I play on an older laptop because that's all i have right now. my ping sucks, which is fine, but more importantly so do my FPS. Afaik i have everything on the lowest detail but i still can only get 125fps on smaller, older maps like 3a,22 etc. Any TDM or CTF maps or even pukka3 i hover around 90fps or lower in battle It sucks. I've uploaded my cfg. If someone could run their eye over it and see if i'm missing something easy to help with my problem please let me know as this kinda sucks.

laptop specs are:
duel core T4300 2.1ghz
4gig RAM
onboard GFX card (this is clearly the problem)

Even though i have onboard gfx you would think that running picmip 16 and lowest settings i should be able to get 125fps steady? no? Maybe not.

Advice is super welcome.